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Water Gardens

Water Garden and Pond Supplies

Water Garden and Pond Supplies

Everyone knows how incredibly soothing and calming water is. Whether you like to go to the beach or walk a woodland stream, you know how great it feels to just be near the water. Having a water garden or backyard pond in your landscape is much easier than most people think it is. Depending on your personal taste, the pond can be as small as 3 feet by 4 feet or as large as land will allow. A small backyard pond of 3 feet x 4 feet can be constructed for as little as $200. Adding lighting or a fountain or a waterfall can be done during initial construction or can be added later. Come and sit by our displays for a while and get a feel of the serenity. The personnel at American Home can give you all the information and details required to make installation of a pond an easy weekend task. We also can help with the biggest decision regarding placement and design information.

Pond Shop

Water Gardens Water Gardens Water Gardens Water Gardens Water Gardens
Water Gardens Water Gardens Water Gardens

Our Pond Shop is constantly growing to supply the ever-increasing demand for soothing water features. From pond-less waterfalls and streams to fully stocked ponds, we have all the materials needed to construct your very own backyard water feature. Bubbling urns, large fountain structures or small pond spitters are available in a huge array of size and price. We provide detailed information regarding the layout and design, construction and maintenance as well as finish details such as landscaping and fish. We carry everything from the liner and underlayment to waterfall spillways and filtration as well as plants and fish. Established working displays can be seen at our retail location. We also hold free seminars throughout the season to inform and educate our customers.

Calculations need to be made for your material requirements. We can explain how to figure out how much liner and hose you will need as well as determining how large a pump is required. Waterfalls require a slightly different pump depending on how high its going to be. Stocking fish into the pond requires filtration. Since there are so many different types of filtration available, you'll be glad to know that we can explain the differences and advantages of each type.

We carry several manufacturers on pond products such as Aquascape, Atlantic, PondMaster, EasyPro and Salvio just to name a few. This ensures that we are able to offer a wide array of availability as well as varied pricing ranges. We offer all the individual materials for construction of your pond as well as many decorative options. We also take great pride in explaining all of the different components and their purposes. This includes waterfall boxes, skimmers, filtration systems, pond pumps and waterfall pumps.

In the process of constructing your pond, you will need rock to naturalize the edges, for use in the pond as well as for the waterfall. Our Brick and Stone Yard offers a variety of different styles and shapes of natural stone for all your pond requirements.

After the pond is installed, you will want to landscape it just as you do your yard. We offer a wide variety of aquatic plants specifically selected for a pond application. We can explain the different planting depths and advantages to each of the different types. We carry natural varieties that are found in our local area as well as tropical types that add a more exotic flair to your personal water garden.

Almost everyone loves to see fish in their garden. The colors available and variety of sizes and types will bring your pond to life! We stock hardy pond fish that can stay in your pond all year round. From the easily recognized Goldfish all the way through to the gorgeous Butterfly Koi are available in several sizes at our facility. Along with the fish, you can get the foods and care information required to give them a long healthy life.

Many people think a backyard pond is too much work to maintain. With our guidance and knowledge we can help you to keep your garden growing beautifully with a minimum amount of work. Most of our customers spend less than 30 minutes a week to keep their ponds clean and gorgeous, and we can show you how!

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